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To create social marketing video's to keep consumers interested in the brand before launch. These should be short and simple and fit Instagram requirements, one portraying the brand coming soon and the other focusing on the collection.



I approached this by making the logo the focal point for both animations. The coming soon was placed on a white backdrop so the logo really jumps out. Considering this was mainly going to be shown on Instagram the approach was ideal as the background is white on Instagram timeline too. I created the smokey ink in the background to give the logo depth and capture that dark street wear feel in relation to the brand.

The London collection video is captured with a time lapse over London and the 'BLXCK' comes in when it night as it reflects the brand colour. This provides the consumers an element of excitement knowing the collection focus point. The animation ends with the logo icon version coming together in line with the music to create some drama.

BLXCK - Animations

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