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Cloud Softphone SDK

As the Sliide technology developed we looked to extend our product portfolio, and create an SDK that could be embdeed into other subscription or premium apps. The value proposition of this SDK is that if a user has advertising on their lock screen, then they would be able to use the premium or subscription service for free. 


The target user for these apps, and therefore for the SDK is more advanced than the user base for our Sliide Airtime app, with better connectivity and more technically advanced smartphones.


The more advanced target user base allowed us to utilise larger content units for the lock screen. Winning back screen space by using gestures enabled us to maximise the size of the content unit, and therefore increase the impact of the content, as well as benefit from higher revenue due to the larger ad units.

We used a bold call to action with a "go" green (the same green used by Facebook in their advertising network) to increase conversion and interaction with the content. The lock screen unit is designed with place holders each side to encourage users to swipe to view more content, and is designed to scale across all screen sizes.

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