Galactic Application


Galactic Digital approached us to design their zero-rated news app. Their aim is to become the trusted news portal in Africa, with the long-term goal of providing ancillary applications such as Dating, Finance and Insurance that could be promoted from within their 'hero' application.

The key goal of the application is to provide a news experience to users for whom this is their first online experience.

We had to consider low end devices, poor internet connectivity and screen size constraints.


The aim of the Galactic app is to teach people to come to Galactic for a trusted source of information at low/no data cost. Building this trust will open the door to users trusting Galactic to launch further services in the future. We designed this 'hero' app to contain three content verticals: G News, G Sport and G Weather. The common theme that we have run through each of these verticals is the ability to customise the content you receive to make it more relevant to you, the user.


Today’s headlines: simple, digestible, relevant, now (timely, up-to-date). Focussing on headlines as the USP for the news vertical gives a clear distinction from all other existing news apps, and fits with the brand’s image of being low/no data.


Your sports. Your teams. The focus here is on giving sports fans a tailored experience, allowing them to truly follow their favourite teams. By becoming synonymous with the story of user’s teams, we will become an integral part of their lives, and become the brand that celebrates with them in their highs and commiserates with them in their lows.


Hourly weather around you. A personalised weather tracker, giving you the weather in all of your locations, and helping you plan ahead for your day. The weather affects everyone, and this vertical will keep users coming back to the app on a daily basis. It is the daily entry point of least friction.

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