Galactic - Branding

To brand Galactic in a trustworthy, reliable and friendly fashion. This should fit in amongst other brands that achieve the similar feel and still hold its values. Users must trust the service provided by the brand. The brands values are: Trust; Accuracy / Reliability; Approachable / Friendly.


We researched other brands who also aim to portray values of trust, accuracy/reliability, approachable/friendly to establish what these brands have in common, and how they achieve this feeling within their branding. The common themes that we found running through each brand were:

  • Lowercase type, with ligature quirks which make the font feel friendly.

  • Sensitive use of colour which successfully bridge the gap between approachable and reliable.

  • Text based logos without heavy reliance on icons or images help build trust due to their simplicity.

It occurred to us that the values we were trying to portray in this brand were attributes also held by superheros. The Galactic 'G' is based on a superhero flying with their cape and arm forming elements of the letter.

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