Sliide Airtime


To design a lock screen news and rewards app for Africa. The app has two key parts, the lock screen (what you see when you wake your phone), and the in-app experience.


As this app was to be launched in sub-Saharan Africa, there were a number of restrictions to take into consideration, including: poor internet connectivity; older, smaller and slower devices; and a target audience who are less accustomed to using apps in their everyday lives. The application was also required to utilise the mobile advertising units that are available in Africa (MPU - 300x250, Banner - 320x50).

A key barrier to brand and product engagement in Africa, and Nigeria in particular (the launch market) is trust, and so the app also had to help build trust amongst the users. 


The lock screen:

We created an experience which feels like a native Android lock screen, with the addition of our content units, which show both news stories and adverts, ensuring stories are instantly engaging and adverts are never below the fold.

We initially decided to use gestures for key actions on the lock screen, however during user testing it was clear that the infancy of the market meant that the target user base where not widely familiar with gestures. We moved to clear call to actions in order to educate and remind users how to navigate the lock screen.

The most important aspect was to show the user how they could increase their earnings. As such we brought all of the user earning options to the home screen of the application, to encourage the behaviour we were looking to promote.

In order to help build trust we created an earning history that feels similar to a bank statement, to benefit from a format which already has a user trust.

Since launching the application it has over 200,000 downloads, a 4.2* rating on the Google Play Store and in 2017 won the "Most Innovative App in the World" at Mobile World Congress, with the judges commenting that 'this app proves that something so simple can still be innovative.' (Please note these downloads are not reflected in the Play store as overall downloads come directly through the Sliide Airtime website)


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