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Sliide Airtime - How to animations

To educate our users on how to best use the application, enabling them to earn more and solve issues by themselves, saving on customer service costs.


From our user testing we knew that users learn best when they see steps visually and in context of the application. As such we decided to supplement our written FAQs with visual How To videos. 

We wanted to take away any frustration that a user might be facing when they are searching for the solution to their problem. In order to do this we looked at how the video can be clear and informative but also playful.

We created the playful element by introducing the video with a splash of colours, included interesting animations where we wanted to hero a special moment, and closed the video with our logo winking.

In order to keep it informative we clearly showed each action, and providing clearly numbered instructions at the bottom of the video.

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