Sliide Airtime - Promo animation


To sell the Sliide Airtime product to users. The video should be able to be used across multiple social channels, and should be no longer than 30 seconds. We had a budget of $100 plus my time


Producing the video for little to no money meant that I had to improve my After Effects skills so that the animation and editing could be completed in-house. 

We wanted to ensure that the first 5 seconds of the video included the whole value proposition of the application, and that this could be consumed without sound. 

We wanted to place the content that the app provides in a real life context, but still reference the user experience within the application. To do this we framed footage in the a similar unit to the one in the application, and created a depth through combining real life footage with animation, and drawing each frame around the footage. 

To celebrate the airtime rewards element we again combined animation and footage to create a celebratory fireworks moment around someone using their reward.

© 2017 Rayhan Miah