Sliide Airtime Website


Design mobile friendly site that clearly highlights value proposition and successes above the fold. With the key aim to drive users to go and download the application from the Google Play Store.


We made our website mobile-first. Mobile web traffic dwarfs desktop and tablet traffic in Nigeria — for our website over 85% of traffic has been mobile. We knew this would be the case, so we designed for it — our website was not optimised from a desktop site to mobile, it was made for mobile and then adapted to work on desktop as well. We also knew that the majority of devices our website would be viewed on would be relatively small screen sizes. Without having to scroll, users who access our mobile-first site can immediately see an explanation of our value proposition, the incentive to download the app, and the download button. We also understand the importance of site loading speed, due to the varying speed of internet access and mobile data connectivity issues in Nigeria, and so ensured that the website was accessible within seconds.​


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